Driving Licence - Basic Rescue Training

How should you react when you find yourself at the site of an accident? How best can you offer dynamic, positive help? Our Basic Rescue course will teach you the right skills to be truly of help.

Top of the agenda: Saving a life!

  • Correctly assess an emergency situation

  • Prevent potential additional harm to victims and/or rescuers

  • Take the right initiatives to prevent loss of life (lateral body position, cardiac massage...)

Anyone can find themselves in an emergency situation, as victim or rescuer, so basic skills in proper caregiving and rescue techniques are vital. This course is a prerequisite for obtaining a car or motorcycle driving licence and is recognised by the Swiss Federal Department of Transport. It is intended for:

  • All candidates seeking to obtain a driving licence

  • Anyone interested in acquiring or refreshing their life saving skills

With time, new techniques emerge or the proper reflex disappears. Why not consider a refresher course? Everyone is welcome!

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Once the training is completed, you receive the certificate of the course (valid for 6 years).
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