Terms and Regulations

If the registrant is an active member of the Geneva Section of the Swiss Touring Club (TCS - Touring Club Suisse), they are eligible for a CHF 35.- refund on the cost of the Lifesaver Training Course given by AGSS. They must simply bring their certificate to:

Secrétariat de la Section Genevoise du TCS, Quai Gustave-Ador 2, 1207 Genève

Tel. 022 735 46 53 

or to:

Centre Technique de Meyrin, Route de Meyrin 212, 1217 Meyrin

Tel. 022 782 77 95

In the present document, “AGSS” refers to the “Association genevoise des sections de samaritains” (“Geneva Association of Samaritan Services”) and “ASS” refers to “Alliance Suisse des Samaritains” (“Swiss Alliance of Samaritans”).

1.  Aim: AGSS Lifesaver training is intended to provide instruction in basic emergency lifesaving procedures to the general public, including those individuals preparing examinations toward obtaining a driving licence.

2. Registration: Participants must register with AGSS at least one month prior to the start of a specific course, with full payment received by AGSS a minimum of two weeks before the start of the course. Last-minute, or on-location registration, is handled on a case-by-case basis, according to available space and at the exclusive discretion of AGSS staff.

3. Participation: Any person, 12 years of age or older, may be considered for registration in an AGSS Lifesaver training course.

Training course schedules are strictly adhered to at all times. Any unsubstantiated late arrival may lead to a participant being excluded from the course, at the discretion of the course leader.

Upon request, a participant not fluent in the course language may be allowed to bring in an assistant of their choice to act as an translator. The individual acting as translator will not receive a certificate upon completion of the course by the participant.

Any participant registered for a training course but failing to attend the first session of the course, or not providing suitable proof of their participation in the equivalent e-learning version of the course, will not be permitted to attend further classes in the initial course. Furthermore, should sufficient justification for their failure to attend not be provided, their registration in the course will be cancelled, without refund of course fees by AGSS.

Any participant whose poor behaviour hinders normal course proceedings, or whose progress is deemed unsatisfactory by the course leader, may be excluded from the course.

4. Attendance and Absenteeism: To withdraw from a course, a registrant must advise AGSS of his intention to withdraw at least ten (10) working days prior to the opening session of the course. Beyond this deadline, the course fee is payable in full, or is not refunded if it has already been paid. If, at a later date, the participant wishes to re-register for a course, they will be required to pay the full standard course fee unless, within three (3) working days, they provide a medical certificate to AGSS.

In the event that the participant fails to attend one of the classes, they will be required to re-register for another course of the same type within a six-month period from the final class of the course in which they had been initially registered. Beyond this six-month deadline, their previous registration will be annulled and deleted, and any registration procedure will then be required to begin afresh.

An unsubstantiated absence to any of the lessons 2 to 5 will incur an automatic fee of CHF 50.- per lesson missed, to be paid to AGSS. An unsubstantiated absence is defined as any failure to attend, for which a participant is unable to provide a proper medical certificate, or reliably prove that their absence was due to an important and unforeseen event. The final decision is at the full and sole discretion of AGSS, and is final and not open to appeal.

5. Cancellation: AGSS reserves the right to cancel any course, within five (5) working days of its opening session, if the number of registrants proves to be insufficient. In that event, participants already registered will receive written notice by e-mail or through standard post.

6. Insurance: During the course, participants in the course are granted insurance coverage under the terms of the ASS collective insurance policy, against any civil lawsuit. In case of a claim for damages, insurance policy deductibles are handled under ASS Regulation No. OC 273.

7. Certification: A participant having completed the full course in the previous six (6) months will receive a certificate from ASS. The certificate is valid for a period of six (6) years. Participants using the e-Learning programme must also successfully complete a skill test given at the start of the course. In case of loss or theft, a participant may request a duplicate copy of their certificate during its six-year period of validity, upon payment of an administrative fee of CHF 50.- to AGSS.

8. Derogation: No derogation may be requested or applied to the present set of Terms & Regulations, or to Regulation No. OC 352 of ASS (Alliance Suisse des Samaritains), as published in full detail at www.samariter.ch.

9. Jurisdiction: The jurisdiction is the Canton of Geneva.

10. Validity: The present set of Terms & Regulations replaces all previous versions of the Lifesaver Training Regulations.

11. Applicability: The present set of Terms & Regulations comes into force as of January 4, 2016.

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